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Pure Corruption

Game Genre

Shoot em up


6 weeks of half speed

Team size




My role


My contributions
  • Paralax

  • Player

  • Introduction and ending slideshow system

  • Sprite batching system

  • UI



One of the requirements for this project was that we had to have some sort of paralax scrolling effect. I made a system where the game artists could just add images to layers, move the layers around and set scrolling speed for each layer. The system then just looped each layer and rendered them in the order listed in the generated JSON file.


The player was a 2 man project split between me and Oskar Sönne. I handled the color switching feature and the respawn while Oskar handled the special attack, the weapon upgrade, shield and movement.

Slideshow system

We kind of forgot to make the introduction/ending cutscene until the last week which resulted in me having to panic program a slideshow system. Taking experience from my paralax system I tossed together something that could take in a list of images and variables for them such as movement speed, delays, fade in, fade out, pauses which Filip Tingberg expertly used to make something that still had an interesting feel. I actually quite like how the introduction turned out even if it was rushed.

Sprite batching system

Considering how many bullets and enemies we had originally planned we quickly decided to use sprite batching to reduce the amount of draw calls. I took it upon myself to make the system which required me to make a deep dive into TGA2Ds sprite rendering system that was very badly documented. 

Took a few days but I got it working and made it support double buffered rendering by adding render calls to a queue and checking if they had the same sprite.


I handled all the programming for the UI and menus for Pure Corruption. Nothing really interesting happened here.

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