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Game Genre

Mobile Puzzle Game


6 weeks of half speed

Team size




My role


My contributions
  • Enemies

  • Rune shield



I handled much of the enemies in this game though Elin Granath supplied a basic enemy template and our A-Star implementation. This was a short project so I can't say I did much but I did make a patrolling system by setting checkpoints for patrols where a loop was made if the first and last checkpoint was the same point, otherwise it would be a back and forth patrol instead.

Rune Shield

So one of the features in the game is that the troll turns to stone in sunlight. To add puzzle features we added a rune shield that will allow you to pass through lights unharmed once. To get the shield you have to step on a magic rune and both the rune tile and the rune shield was done by me.

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