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The Clamurai

Game Genre

Top-Down Adventure Game


8 weeks of half speed

Team size




My role


My contributions
  • Enemies

  • Player

  • A little bit of everything



We went with a very simple style for this game so we only had a melee enemy and a ranged enemy. As the game was designed after Zelda the ranged enemies used a movement and attack pattern similar to Octorocks from the original Zelda which means 4-directional movement and attack. I believe the melee enemy was designed after Darknuts from the original Zelda but I a bit more modern. They no longer move in just 4 directions and rotate smoothly but they still retain the function of being able to block attacks from the front. The blocking mechanic was done by calculating the angle of the attack compared to the angle of the enemy and just checking if the difference was less than a selected value.


The player was never supposed to be my area and I mostly just jumped in to help finish up and tweak a few things here and there since it was a short project during heavy Covid season and Alexander ended up getting sick.

The functionality for moving up and down ladders was exclusively done by me but other than that I would say most credit here should go to the original person in charge.

General things

As mentioned earlier there was a fair amount of sickness going around during this project and we could definitely feel it. I spent so much time fixing random bugs and even then we still ended up having to fix stuff in order to get a passing grade.

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